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Determination of the Electrochemical Surface Area for CNF-Pt Electrocatalyst Using Cyclic Voltammetry

  • Carbon Nanofibers (CNF) are considered to be a promising catalyst support material due to their unique characteristics, excellent mechanical, electrical and structural properties, high surface area and nevertheless, good interaction with metallic catalyst particles. The possibility of preparing CNF decorated with platinum by an electrochemical method was tested, using a hexachloroplatinic bath solution. The experiments were carried out with the aid of a Potentiostat/Galvanostat Ivium Technologies Vertex, in a three – electrode cell. The aim of the present work was to determine the electrochemical surface area (ECSA) of the CNF-Pt catalysts in relation to the functionalization treatment of fibers, using an electrochemical method. ECSA for different functionalized CNF-Pt catalysts was determined by cyclic voltammetry in 0.5 M H2SO4 solution. The highest active surface of platinum was obtained for the samples with CNF functionalized by plasma treatment using 80 W for 1800 s. The obtained results correlate very well with the particles size and distribution of platinum, revealed by scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and the quantity of deposited platinum determined by thermo gravimetrical analysis (TGA) respectively. Cyclic voltammetry (CV) has been proven to be a suitable method for estimation of the ECSA of the electrocatalysts.

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Author:Roxana Muntean, Ulrich Rost, Dragos Pascal, Gabriela Marginean, Nicolae Vaszilcsin
Parent Title (English):Chemical Bulletin of “Politehnica” University of Timisoara, Romania
Document Type:Article
Date of Publication (online):2017/02/02
Year of first Publication:2016
Publishing Institution:Westfälische Hochschule Gelsenkirchen Bocholt Recklinghausen
Release Date:2017/02/16
Tag: carbon nanofibers, platinum electrodeposition, ele ctrochemical surface area
Volume:61 (75)
First Page:44
Last Page:48
Departments / faculties:Institute / Westfälisches Energieinstitut
Licence (German):License LogoEs gilt das Urheberrechtsgesetz

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