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Nonuniversality and strongly interacting two-level systems in glasses at low temperatures

  • Recent experimental results showing atypical nonlinear absorption and marked deviations from well known universality in the low temperature acoustic and dielectric losses in amorphous solids prove the need for improving the understanding of the nature of two-level systems (TLSs) in these materials. Here we suggest the study of TLSs focused on their properties which are nonuniversal. Our theoretical analysis shows that the standard tunneling model and the recently suggested two-TLS model provide markedly different predictions for the experimental outcome of these studies. Our results may be directly tested in disordered lattices, e.g KBr:CN, where there is ample theoretical support for the validity of the two-TLS model, as well as in amorphous solids. Verification of our results in the latter will significantly enhance understanding of the nature of TLSs in amorphous solids, and the ability to manipulate them and reduce their destructive effect in various cutting edge applications including superconducting qubits.

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Author:Moshe Schechter, Peter Nalbach, A. L. Burin
Parent Title (English):New journal of physics. The open-access journal for physics
Document Type:Article
Date of Publication (online):2018/12/21
Year of first Publication:2018
Publishing Institution:Westfälische Hochschule Gelsenkirchen Bocholt Recklinghausen
Release Date:2019/01/10
First Page:063048
Departments / faculties:Fachbereiche / Wirtschaft und Informationstechnik Bocholt
Licence (German):License LogoEs gilt das Urheberrechtsgesetz

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